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Posted on Feb 8, 2020
tl;dr: I use Cloudflare Pages.

I have no idea what I’ll actually be posting on this blog.. Probably it’ll just contain posts about any issues I encounter while exploring the kingdom of my homelab, problems which are approached with (most likely) working but worst practice solutions.
Anyway - here’s the very simple tech stack behind the site explained.

This blog is generated using the following tools:

Writing and deploying a new post is as simple as:

  1. Write content
  2. Test content using  hugo server
  3. Check in to GitHub repo
  4. Wait one or two minutes while the site’s built and deployed to Cloudflare’s global network. Thank you guys 🧡!


The only obstacle I could think of with this setup is that Cloudflare Pages builds using Hugo 0.54-extended which is a bit outdated for most of the themes in the gallery.
However, it’s all for free (and private beta), so one can’t complain. It’ll probably be bumped to a later (0.70+) version before GA anyway.

UPDATE Apr 11, 2021: This is fixed now (since a while back actually), according to the documentation, the site can now be built with a user-defined version of Hugo.
Just set an environment variable called HUGO_VERSION with the value of whatever version you’d like, for example this is now built with 0.82.0.