curl -fsSL https://shortlink/slug

Sick of long URLs to your blog posts? Have no fear, a working shortener is here!

find ./nutanix/move/supported-OS -name 'Windows Server 2022'

Utilizing Nutanix Move to migrate a Windows Server 2022 VM is not as hard as it initially seems.

route add $BAD_IP gw lo

Propagating CrowdSec's decisions to a MikroTik perimeter firewall to block malicious traffic on a network-wide level.

cat 'Working Xterm.js on an Alpinelinux VM under'

Frustrated with not being able to copy/paste into the VM's console? Me too...

nslookup 'DoH-on-alpine-linux-using-cloudflared'

How to set up a working instance of cloudflared on Alpine Linux.

grep -R 'Working Proxmox QEMU Guest Agent on Alpine Linux' *

Exchanging information between the Alpine VM and the Proxmox host? Sure thing!

echo 'Hello World!'

What on earth is this blog, and how is it actually built and served?